Fiber Art Entry Rules

  •  Please keep a copy of your original entry form to be submitted with your quilt if selected.
  • Include two (2) photos with the entry form for judging or exhibiting only
o One (1) full view photo which must include all finished edges
o One (1) detail view photo
o Do not photograph yourself with the item; it must be pictured alone.
o Staple the photos in the upper left-handed corner if you are not submitting electronically.
o If not electronically, photos should be no larger than 4” x 6”
  • Use one form for each item submitted.  Complete ALL sections.
     Incomplete entry forms will not be considered.
  • Entries must be clean and in show condition. (No pet hair or odor.)
  • All entries must be identified on the back or bottom with a pinned tag.
  • You must determine the category in which your submission will be entered.
  • Each item may only be entered in one category.
  • All Fiber Art pieces must come ready for display, either hanging or on a surface.
  • All pieces must have been made within the last five years.
  • All decisions by the jury and judges are final.  The jury reserves the right to reject or reclassify any entry.
  • Each entry requires a separate entry form and $10 non-refundable entry fee.Payable with Pay Pal.  Or if not electronically submitted — Make checks payable to the Elkhart County Quilt & Fiber Expo.  Cash not accepted.
  • No more than two (2) entries per category and no more than three (3) total entries will be accepted from any one (1) person.
  • Notification of acceptance by Jury will be on or about May 5, 2023 including instructions and address for submission.
  • Entries selected by the jury will be displayed at the Elkhart County Quilt & Fiber Expo in the RV/MH Hall of Fame June 8-10, 2023. 
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