Meet our Featured Artisan, Annie Fuller

Annie’s given name is Woodice Ann, but she prefers being called Annie. She and her husband, Dan, live in Angola, IN.

Annie has been stitching samplers for 59 years. Her mother gave her a set of dish towels to embroider as a child and it was not something she enjoyed. But at age 23, the Good House Keeping Magazine showcased a set of stamped designs. This particular set was The Old Rocking Chair and Love, Friendship and Truth in DMC.

She began making seasonal items, however, having to store them away most of the year was less than ideal. Annie found herself drawn to stitching items that could be used all year long. Hence, sample making began.

Annie found two small startup companies in the Midwest who were buying antique samplers or getting museum pieces and charting and selling the reproductions. She would stay up late into the morning hours stitching.

Their three children were school age and rode the school bus, so while Annie waited for the bus, she would get a few stitches completed. While waiting ta school events, art lessons, baseball games, gymnastics practice and meets, there was always a stitching bag by her side.

As time went by, Annie bought larger and more detailed samplers. Rather than roll them up and put them in a plastic box like so many stitchers do, her husband, Dan, began making frames for them. It gave him a challenge and saved them money.

Woman with grey hair, dark grey jacket, and black t-shirt, standing in front of a wood paneled wall.